Fains - Fains (C30) SOLD OUT

Fains - S/T (ST03) Limited Edition of 60
Fains takes a 12 song journey through the catacombs of emotion in his calm and almost chilling range of instrumental music. Every song takes on a slow, thoughtful pace, which allows a complete immersion into the music. Even amidst the fluid sounds of a high pitched synth, Scotty Griffith manages to include whispery chimes that offset the harshness of electronic music. Other songs in the album take a panoramic view of sound infusions, covering every conceivable sound possible. Warp reverberations weave a sonic path through steady beats and climax into softer waves of piano-like music.
Griffith is a master at creating music that almost tells a story. Each song flows into the next, but the dramatic changes from heavy mechanical sounds to the soft flutter of a single beat provide enough separation to show the genius of his music. With careful attention to detail and a sprawling landscape of sound, Fains creates an enjoyable atmosphere of music to tempt the mind and the heart. - Foxy Digitalis