Devin Dart - Mint Silver Spring (C40) SOLD OUT

Devin Dart - Mint Silver Spring (ST05) Limited Edition of 30
While it’s surely a boundless source of untapped brilliance and under-the-radar masterpieces going for $5 a pop, the world of left-field “tape music” is often a terribly serious one—all deep, stone-faced drones and cosmic soul-searching; in other words, not a whole lot of “fun”. Thank God, then, for Devin Dart, whose new Mint Spring Silver cassette is a goofy, schizoid melting pot of “jazz-punk sci-fi improv” that won’t leave you you stewing in an existential crisis. One of the least nonsensically-titled tracks on the release (see: “Haha whoa dude did you know yer fingers are made of lightning”), “Now, I Elevate” comes crashing forth with thunderous drums, brightly-humming synths, and indecipherable noise. It’s loud, triumphant, and yes—fun. Cover Art by Daniel Sutliff. -Boy Attractions