Nicked Drake - Wraiths (by Gareth Dickson) CD/DL

Ltd. Edition of 200 Copies
What we have here is a reverent and very beautiful cover versions album by Gareth Dickson of his favourite Nick Drake songs. If you've not checked out Mr. Dickson before you'll be kicking yourself on hearing this as he's a quiet marvel on the six-string. His own songs spill with a discreet lulling beauty, and when he "Does Drake" you realise he's paying homage to someone painfully dear to him in the vast realm of popular music.

In turn these versions retain a lot of the intimacy, warmth and magic of the originals and it is a true pleasure to hear them re-broadcast through his fingers and voice. The production is warm and involving, his voice even rendered startlingly in the style of young Nick. In lesser hands this could be a little pointless but Gareth is a bit of a master at this sort of thing and 'Wreaths' is a worthy homage to a great man, by a great man. - Norman Records