Nick Storring - Gardens (CD/DL)

Ltd. Edition of 200
(Artwork by Louis Reith)

It was immensely hard to pick a preview track for this album by Nick Storring. Each track has so many different movements and feels beautifully tied together by Nick's unique and wide range approach to instrumentation. No effects processing was employed aside from simple dynamics, equalization, mixing, and spatialization. Other 'processing' is strictly through acoustic or electromechanical means. This album is great feat in multi-tracking by a single artist. Below is a list of the instrumentation employed in the creation of 'Gardens'.

Nick Storring's work has been performed by the Esprit Orchestra, Thin Edge New Music Collective, Quatuor Bozzini and the Madawaska String Quartet. He has been commissioned by Arraymusic, Montreal’s AKOUSMA Festival and he is currently composing a commissioned solo work for Eve Egoyan slated for debut in 2015. In 2013 he received the Canadian Music Centre’s Norman Burgess fund to compose a pedagogically themed solo work for intermediate-level harpist.

'Gardens' was designed as an informal tribute to arranger/ producer/ composer Charles Stepney. Its titles refer to the Come To My Garden by Minnie Riperton which Stepney co-wrote, produced and arranged. No musical materials were borrowed, however. 

The creative processes which birthed this album was funded by the 2011 Toronto Emerging Composer Award, which is administered by the Canadian Music Centre and generously supported by Michael Koerner and Roger D. Moore. 
::Nick has two other albums coming out this year by the amazing Orange Milk label and Notice Recordings

Instrumentation: violin, cello, electric mandola, electric bass, guitalele, Strumstick, banjo, harpsicle, autoharp, esraj, kemence, rebab, ananda lahari, Hohner Pianet-T, Yamaha CP60M stage piano, glockenspiel, steel pan, thumb pianos, toy pianos, roto-toms, snare drum, djembe, khol, bells, thunder tubes, rainstick, woodblocks, cymbals, other found/ homemade percussion, jaw harps, melodicas, harmonicas (diatonic and chromatic), tuning reeds, harmonium, khĂȘne, mey, hulosi, xaphoon, concert flute, bansuris, sulings, recorders (alto, soprano, sopranino), various other flutes, mijwiz, been, pan pipes, kazoo, found wind instruments, voice. 

Additional implements: bows, mallets, plectra, e-bow, handheld fan, electric toothbrush, vibrator, microphones,contact microphones, amps, speakers, earbuds, Headrush Shockrock vibration speaker, Danelectro Free Speech Talkbox, Sansui RA-700 spring reverb.