Dibson T Hoffweiler - When I Went West (CD/DL)

Limited Edition of 300 (CD/DL)

Dibson T Hoffweiler is a musician living in Oakland, California after an eight year tenure as a fixture in New York City’s anti-folk scene. He began his songwriting career on the scene as an engine to play guitar, and proceeded to fill the role of guitarist in more bands than he was able to manage. He served as lead guitarist in psych collective Huggabroomstik and rhythm guitarist in queer pop group Cheese On Bread. He founded folk-turned-pop group Urban Barnyard, and was the sort-of-leader of the intergalactic psych-folk cult Old Hat. Alongside these acts Dibs continued his guitar-based songwriting, but upon moving to Oakland he’s focused on the acoustic guitar as a solo instrument.

The Bay area is no stranger to finger style composers, having been home to Basho, Fahey, in the 60's and now home to contemporary guitarists Andrew Weathers, Sean Smith, and Chuck Johnson - who is also a friend of Dibs and will be releasing his third LP 'Blood Moon Boulder' with Scissor Tail this Spring. 

Dibson has a string of East Coast dates supporting 'When I Went West' this Fall which can be found on his site dibson.net