Hayden Pedigo - Do You Sing? Vol. 1 (C32) SOLD OUT

Limited Edition of 70 Cassettes


Do You Sing? Vol. 1 consists of Hayden Pedigo's early works, but these tunes are not embryonic, skeletal, or in any way premature. They’re well-considered, fully-formed pieces full of diverse mastery – yet they still carry the seeds of eager discovery. You can hear excitement in Pedigo's real-time idea-hatching, a fresh sense of how plucked acoustic strings can convey human thoughts and feelings. That kind of thrill persists in the recent work of this still-young practitioner, but Do You Sing? captures a unique moment in time – when Pedigo’s vision was starting to define itself even though it was already definite. - Marc Masters

All Music by Hayden Pedigo.
Recorded between the ages of 16 & 18 years old.
Mastered by Broderick Christian Adams