Anders Holst - Spirituum Terrae (CS)

Cassette SOLD OUT

"Until this announcement, I’d not come across the work of Denmark-based guitarist Anders Holst who is also a vocalist and composer. According to Scissor Tail Records, his previous work centred around the electric guitar and his bio also shows that he was/is also an accompanist for contemporary dance, improvisation and ballet classes. A glance through his previous projects, many of which are collaborations, may suggest that, on the surface, this is a shift. To some, it may well be an unexpected one, although his collaborative and experimental background is still reflected in this album; what Scissor Tail describes as unpredictable and sincere.

The album, Spirituum Terrae, was recorded on a 1948 Gibson LG-1. It’s hard to believe, from listening to it, that this is his first excursion into acoustic guitar compositions..." - Folk Radio UK

Edition of 50 dubbed tapes in letter pressed boxes.