Tobacco City - Tobacco City, USA (LP)



LP in edition of 500


Tobacco City is about simplicity. Simple songs and melodies built around nostalgic and blue stories. Built out of a mutual love of classic and cosmic country, the members of Tobacco City bring their psychedelic and folk influences to the exploding genre. The result is a feel good sway that fits into modern urban modes and passes by the shrewdest of classic country heads. 

Quickly gaining traction in Chicago playing with new country icon Orville Peck and Psychedelic taste maker Ty Segall, Tobacco City seems to fit in wherever good music resides regardless of the genre. 


"Tobacco City, USA — mixes cosmic country with psychedelic choogle, but "Never On My Mind"... well, that's where the honky tonk meets the soul revue. Like the Chicago band's namesake, a slow smoke hangs in the air, heavy with heartbreak and feather-blue eyeshadow, but puts a brave face on."


"Chicago’s Tobacco City first hit our radar a couple years back via “Blue Raspberry” b/w “Never on My Mind,” two languishing and incandescent country ballads. The band returns this week with their debut full-length, Tobacco City, USA. Released on Scissor Tail Records, it places those two early gems at home on a confident collection of eight tunes that ably lean into traditional country blues and honky-tonk shuffles. Heavily perfumed in a lingering tang of draft beer, empty barstools, and lonesome jukebox phantasms, it’s a sincere, self-assured debut."

- Aquarium Drunkard


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