Talk West - Black Coral Sprig (LP)



LP in edition of 200
180g vinyl
"A wondrous slice of high, lonesome ambient beauty. This is the work of Tulsa-based Dylan Golden Aycock, who has been bringing us beautiful sounds for some time now, whether under the Talk West moniker, his own name. It’s been a little since we last heard from Talk West, but Black Coral Sprig is well worth the wait. Across seven gorgeous instrumentals, Aycock expertly evokes downright mystical landscapes using pedal steel, electric guitar, viola and synth, finding a sound that’s somewhere in the spacious borderland between the Hired Hand soundtrack and the haunted minimalist blues of Loren Connors. Throughout it all there’s a sense of patience, of unwinding, of depthless melancholy. Perfect music for these strange days, in other words." - Aquarium Drunkard
"Serene shades of Loren Connors and Bruce Langhorne's The Hired Hand in Dylan Aycock's (Talk West) Black Coral Sprig" - MOJO  

..."lose your eyes and you’ll envision something you’ve lost as the guitar figures cascade in slow motion throughout “Willow And The Dogwood.” The viola phrases and resonant loops on “Light Black” might stir memories of something you have found, or someone who found you. And the passage of blurred keyboards before a backdrop of crackle and chimes on “Solitary Blossoms” will make you smell the smoke, feel the heat and recall whatever you learned around some fading fire. There’s no shortage of music out there that aims to become your psychological soundtrack, but this album delivers the goods."—Magnet Magazine