Gary Peters - Beginnings: Collected Pedal Steel Works (LP)



LP in edition of 222
180g vinyl


The first full length LP by UK based pedal steel guitarist and improviser Gary Peters. As there seems to be a slew of pedal steel guitar albums coming out in the last 5 years, this one is unlike any we've heard. There's no use of reverb pedals or ambient swells, yet it still has so much atmosphere and emotion. The majority of the compositions and improvisations are solo pedal steel guitar but there are a couple tracks with accompaniment by upright bassist Christopher Williams and pianist Veryan Weston.

Gary Peters has been quietly and prolifically releasing recordings over the years. This grouping of songs we spent about a year working towards narrowing down and mixing and I am very honored to present this album of collected pedal steel guitar works.

The ambient country cabinet is filling up pretty quickly these days and we’re in a golden age of pedal steel, but there’s always room for one more. RSTB faves Scissor Tail offer up a new record from UK steel slinger Gary Peters and while not as overtly awash in the trappings of ambient country , the record still hovers in the humid space between waking and dreams. A halfway hitch between the jazz steel of Dave Easley and the more cosmically aligned works of SUSS, the record promises to carve out its own corner of the genre. -Raven Sings The Blues


Released December 8th 2023