Joshua Massad & Dylan Aycock - Two Improvisations (LP)


LP in edition of 250
180g vinyl 

The first full length LP by Joshua Massad and Dylan Aycock. Massad is a tabla player living in India and studying under Zakir Hussain. Massad and Aycock came together in Tulsa to record these improvisations live at the legendary Church Studio which was founded by Leon Russell in the 70's. Over a few nights they captured some moments in the studio before it came under new ownership and just before Joshua moved to India.

Aycock improvising on 12-string and percussion with Massad accompanying on tabla & sitar. A flowing river of sound, a meeting of the minds. The little touches that Dylan’s brother Jesse Aycock adds (bits of synth) really sweeten the deal as well. Track two recorded in Leon Russell’s legendary Church Studio. 
- Aquarium Drunkard 

Track one is an improvisation recorded at the home of Joshua Massad's friend who he was house sitting for and invited me to come play. When I showed up the door was open and he was deep in practice so no words were spoken. I set up a mic and just started playing. We played for 45 minutes straight and the 20 mins of the first track was culled from that moment. We clicked immediately and that was the first time we ever played together. Joshua is studying and teaching in India now where he's been since 2019.

Releases April 5th 2024